Adoption Process

Pre-adoption Vetting Process

All applications submitted to adopt one of our pets are vetted to find the most suitable match.

It is not a first come first served process. The process is not personal. We take time to ensure our pets find the most suitable forever home.

Our dedicated carers spend lots of time and energy nurturing and socialising their foster pets and are in the best position to know the type of home and situation that would suit them.

Please do not apply if your family situation does not coincide with the pet profile you are contemplating applying for. For example: if the profile indicates no dogs you will not be considered. It doesn't matter how friendly your dog is if we believe the HHAR pet is unlikely to settle and accept a dog even over time.

We do not set restrictions automatically. The pet may be nervous about noise or sudden movements or play too rough so our assessment may be that it is not suitable to be around small children. Each pet is assessed for the type of home and lifestyle they are most likely to fit with.

After Submitting an Adoption Application

If your application is considered for the next step, you will be contacted by the foster carer for a chat and then an appointment may be made for a Meet and Greet, usually at the carer's home. If you cannot keep the appointment, contact the carer and cancel or reschedule.

(Unsuccessful applicants will be advised by email and, if appropriate, can switch their application to another pet.)

On the day of the Meet and Greet, if you are happy for the adoption to occur, the following will ensue:

  • ADOPTION AGREEMENT: You will be asked to complete and sign an Adoption Agreement;
  • ADOPTION FEE TO BE PAID: You must pay the full adoption fee to the carer at the time of the adoption or provide proof of a bank transfer;
  • TWO-WEEK TRIAL COMMENCES: The Adoption Agreement includes information that the adopted animal is on a two-week trial. A full refund will be given if the animal is returned to the rescue within two weeks. If the animal is returned after the two-week trial expires, we will take him/her back into care but no refund will be given. (There are exceptions to this rule but the President would specify these at the time.)
  • DUE DATES OF VACCINATIONS ETC: Information will be provided as to when the next vaccination, worm and flea treatment is due;
  • CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP: You will be given a Change of Ownership form - current owner details completed. The adopter must complete the new owner section and submit the form to the appropriate registry with the required small fee. This should occur following the expiration of the two-week trial or as soon as it is decided that the pet is the right fit for you;
  • VET HISTORY: Copies of any relevant paperwork from the attending Vet will be given to you;
  • FOOD SUPPLIED: A small quantity of wet and dry food which the pet is used to will be given to you. You can either purchase the same brand or mix what we give with yours initially to avoid any stomach/gastro problems stemming from an abrupt change in diet;
  • SECURE TRANSPORT: You must have a secure way of transporting the pet. It is imperative that for a dog you have an appropriate-sized collar and a lead and for a cat, a cat carrier. No pet will be handed over without the necessary means of securing it;
  • PHOTOGRAPH FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: We hope that you will agree to have a photograph taken by the carer with your new pet that we can use on our social media pages;
  • PLACING PET ON HOLD: If you wish to return to collect the pet at a later date and reach an agreement with the carer, full payment of the adoption fee is required before the pet can be put on hold. The fee will be non-refundable if you change your mind.

Post Adoption

Take the time to get to know one another.

Make slow introductions to younger members of the family and other pets.

Consider that each pet will react differently when in new surroundings so make allowances and give them time and space to acclimate. Do not overwhelm them suddenly with a new environment, faces and other animals.

Take confidence that we are only a phone call or email away for any settling-in problems. Most will be resolved with a bit of time and patience.

Above all enjoy the companionship and love that your new pet will provide and know that you have saved another life and made room for us to save more!

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live, the people of the nation and pay our respects to Elders past and present. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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