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Important Info

Leo (nicknamed Mousy)
Domestic Short Hair Mix Cat
Approximately 8 months
Heidelberg West, Victoria

About me!

Meet Leo, affectionately known by many as Mousy for his playful spirit and charming personality. Leo is not your everyday cat; with his zest for life, he can be the life of any party. Care for a drive? Leo will happily accompany you. If you're looking for one amiable feline that strays from the usual standoffish nature of many a cat, Leo's your man.

Leo gets on extremely well with other cats and absolutely adores company. He can often be found lounging with other cats, forming bonds of friendship that are a delight to witness. His social and loving nature makes him an excellent choice if you have other cats at home.

Not only is he a hit with other cats, but Leo also shines as a friendly, dedicated companion to any human fortunate enough to call him their pet. His love and loyalty shine through abundantly, and he's always ready for a leisurely walk or endless cuddles, making him the perfect couch companion.

Leo strayed into our care and quickly won us over with his irresistible charm. His personality is one of a kind, winning over even the staunchest cat skeptics. He is an absolute favorite, known for his spirited playfulness and cheerful demeanor, complete with a little cheekiness!

If nail clipping has always been a daunting task for you with your pets, prepare to be amazed! With Leo, it's a breeze, something that further solidifies his reputation as a top-notch companion.

While we're not entirely sure, we believe Leo is in the prime of his life, around 6 months to a year old. Regardless of his age, Leo's outgoing nature and loving personality make him the ideal pet for cat lovers and those new to the adventure. We are looking for a five-star home for Leo - he's that kind of special.

To say that Leo's a catch is an understatement. Just ask the veterinary staff, who can't resist stopping for a cuddle every time they pass him. There’s no doubt that once you meet Leo, you'll want to make him a part of your family. So why go through the rest when you can have the best? Come and meet Leo and prepare to fall in love.

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Medical & Other Requirements

Desexed, vaccinated and, microchipped, flea and worm treated.