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Piper Initially Seemed in Good Health

When Piper came into care at six weeks old on Christmas Eve 2022 with her six siblings, she seemed to be in good health, gaining weight at a normal rate, her motor skills at the same level as her litter mates. They were the perfect little litter who played together, got into mischief and were the cutest bundles of fur who always kept their foster carer entertained, but slowly it was noticed that Piper was no longer developing like her siblings.

Though not the runt of the litter, once Piper got to a certain weight, she simply stopped growing. Her hind legs became hunched and she started to move like a bunny rabbit, hopping rather than walking when moving quickly.

None of the other siblings had shown any signs the same as Piper and all but one eventually found their forever homes leaving only Piper and her brother Maley in care.

Concerned, we sent Piper for x-rays but there were no abnormalities with her bones or joints and she was still behaving like a normal kitten.

Over the coming months, everything remained stable and Piper was playing, interacting with the other cats and kittens in care, following her foster carer all over the house and "helping" her while she worked, but then she got cat flu and everything changed.

She stopped eating which was the last thing she needed at a mere 2kg and none of the usual medications were working. She was placed on a different antibiotic and within 8 hours she was eating again, but after she had recovered, she started to sleep a lot more and her front legs appeared to be weaker and rather unstable. 

Possibility of a Neurological Disorder

That was when the question was raised if it were possible that she was suffering from a neurological disorder.

Though she had still been travelling okay, her usual energy had faded, her kitten-like nature had disappeared and she started to shut off from the other cats, preferring to cling to her foster carer. It was then decided to do some blood tests to try and get a general idea of what was wrong.

X-Rays - Ultrasound - Blood Tests - Liver Tests

Her blood tests came back relatively normal, apart from her liver which had very high readings. It was suggested she have an ultrasound of her liver which we had performed and they also took fine needle aspirates while she was sedated.

Apart from her liver being enlarged, all again seemed normal on her scans. The pathologist mentioned that she may need a liver shunt based on the results but so many of her symptoms did not marry up to such a diagnosis so it was decided that Piper would be booked in to see a specialist so we could get a better picture of what was happening as she seemed to have a little from all columns.

Cat Flu and Seizures

While waiting for the appointment date to come, unfortunately, Piper started to show signs of cat flu again. She was once again taken to the vet where extra care was taken in choosing an antibiotic for her due to the issues with her liver, and though one was found and her symptoms started to clear, Piper unfortunately suddenly started having seizures. The call was made to take her off the medication as her now minor flu symptoms were not as severe as her seizures and to see if we could bring the specialist appointment forward, which thankfully we were able to do.  

Since coming off the antibiotics, Piper is much more alert and has only had two seizures in a week so it does appear that the antibiotics were a contributor to them, but so much remains unknown.

Specialist Appointment - More Tests

At the specialist, they made a list of all the possible ailments from those thought highly likely to those less likely and Piper was sent to have another ultrasound, blood samples, urinalysis and a PCR test in the hope it is something infective or fungal that can be easily treated.

As we await these results, Piper is getting by though she is quite wobbly and ataxic (lacking coordination). She occasionally plays, but her eyes are not focussed, her pupils dilated, she is walking very slowly, sleeping the majority of the day and night and looks very frail. She is getting all the love in the world from her foster carer and is carefully being monitored for any changes.

Deserves Every Chance We Can Give Her

Piper is such a sweet little girl with the cutest little meow, she has a wonderful temperament and touches the heart of anyone who meets her... she deserves a chance at a normal life, for however long that will be but we are a relatively small rescue with all of our animals in care at their foster carers' houses and these bills are hitting us very hard.

Over $3000 in Vet Bills So Far

We have never asked for help specifically for a particular animal before, but so far Piper's medical bills have exceeded $3000 and we can only hope that something comes from these pathology tests otherwise further testing will need to be performed.

To be able to get a diagnosis for Piper and to continue doing what we do and being able to save more vulnerable babies, we need your help.

Please Donate to Help Cover Vet Expenses (Only if you can.)

If you would like to help with the mounting medical bills for Piper or simply to help us continue our work, you can donate via https://www.givenow.com.au/piper and please keep in mind that Helping Hands Animal Rescue do have DGR status, therefore all donations made to us that are over $2 are tax deductible.  

We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.

Thank you so much, from all of us and especially little Piper.

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