Piper - Update 2

This is an update on the story of the gorgeous little Piper as we try our utmost to unravel her medical mysteries. See her story here: Piper - Fundraiser.

She was in good spirits on her long journey to Glen Waverley, chirping away and rubbing her little face on her foster carer's hand through the carrier door. Big cuddles were given and she was taken by staff. Her MRI went well and her recovery from her very long anaesthesia was relatively quick. Thankfully, it came in a little cheaper than originally quoted too at $5,153.50 (current total for all tests now being over $8,000).

MRI and Cerebrospinal Fluid Tap (CSF) Results

The MRI of her brain revealed everything was within normal limits. No signs of stroke, cysts or anything sinister. A veterinary radiologist has also reviewed these films and found nothing of note. Her CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) tap was completed without incident. The initial results of her CSF tap came back showing her cells as normal. Though that was good news, it also raised more questions. The full analysis of her CSF (including a DNA test) which would give us a definitive diagnosis of FIP, toxoplasmosis and cryptococcus came back 72 hours later and all tests were again negative.

The specialist has held a round table meeting to discuss Piper as now that infectious and fungal diseases have been ruled out and her brain appears normal, the focus will be on her liver as clearly something is not right and so many of the obvious contributory factors to this have not been able to be diagnosed.

Next Step - Bile Acid Tests

The next step is a bile acid test which consists of two blood tests, one taken fasted, then she will be fed a small meal and the second taken two hours after to see how her liver is functioning and another full blood analysis to see how her readings have changed over the past few weeks. This test comes in at $535.

We are hoping that we finally get a diagnosis from this test, whatever that diagnosis may be as not only does poor little Piper need a break, but these bills are a very heavy burden. We are hoping that it can be a condition treated with medications and diet changes rather than invasive procedures (liver biopsy) or surgery (biliary shunt).

Request for Donations

So far we have received just over $500 in donations for Piper's medical costs and we thank everyone who has donated so far, but we are still so far from our goal. We are a very small rescue compared to many others out there so please, share Piper's story with as many as you can. If we could get even as few as 100 people to donate $10, that would be an extra $1000 which would make such a difference. We will continue to keep you updated on her progress. Once again, thank you to everyone from all of us for all of your support!

Direct Deposit

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