Piper - Update 3

This is an update on the story of the gorgeous little Piper as we try our utmost to unravel her medical mysteries. See her story here: Piper - Fundraiser

Piper has had her bile acid test and her full blood analysis.

The bile acid test showed everything to be within normal limits which shows her liver function to be good. Her Albumin levels have dropped a little and her white cell count has slightly increased. She is also showing slight signs of anemia but the specialist said that these values are nothing to be too concerned about.

The rest of her liver values are much the same though there has been a drop in her ALT which is good.

Further Options including Liver Biopsy

We now have several options to consider in progressing further.

The suggested and most invasive test is a liver biopsy, where they would open Piper to take samples of her liver. This option would also give them a chance to be able to physically look at her liver and the surgeon has also suggested taking samples from other organs as she appears to be a mystery case. This is a very big step and worrisome, especially with all that Piper has already been through and has been quoted at approximately $4,000.

They could do a punch biopsy of her liver which is much less invasive, though they would not be able to get as clear of a picture from that as they would a liver biopsy.

Risks Associated with Medications - Possible Adverse Reactions

Otherwise, we could trial her on medications (including broad-spectrum antibiotics) and hope that she does not suffer any adverse reactions to them to try and treat her liver.

We are a little worried about her and medications since her seizures and her deterioration since being on them and other antibiotics for cat flu earlier in the year. Though we don't know for sure if her last antibiotic treatment caused her seizures, they did appear to have an impact as she stopped having seizures within four days of coming off them.

We could take this path and monitor her progress or we could simply give her a break, make a change to her diet, put her on a liver support supplement and re-evaluate in the new year after having blood tests performed.

Piper is very frail and ataxic and she is showing signs consistent with cerebellar hypoplasia though her MRI brain did not show any abnormalities and her cerebellum appeared normal.

She sometimes struggles to get in and out of the litter box, loses her balance or will fall over, but otherwise she is eating well, cleaning herself and requesting lots of couch snuggles.

Her liver could be contributing to these symptoms and it is frustrating that we have not been able to get a diagnosis yet.

Current and Expected Costs

We are really struggling and need all the financial help we can get.

Again, we ask you to please share Piper's story and updates and if you can spare anything to contribute towards her medical bills, no matter how big or small, every donation is greatly appreciated.

Direct Deposit

Bendigo Bank
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