Piper - Update 4

This is an update on the story of the gorgeous little Piper as we try our utmost to unravel her medical mysteries. See her story here: Piper - Fundraiser

We would like to thank everyone who has so far donated toward Piper's fundraiser. We are currently at $1855!

Her last blood analysis unfortunately again showed no significant change in any of her readings so we are still no closer to a diagnosis.

With Piper's medical bills still being so large even after the generous donations of many, the ongoing costs from vet check ups, medications, treatments and testing mean we simply cannot afford to spend $4000 on a liver biopsy at this point in time.

We have decided to treat her conservatively with another diet change, vitamin B12 and a liver supplement tablet.

She is also having acupressure and acupuncture treatments to help build muscle strength as there is muscle wastage in her hips and hind legs.

She is still extremely ataxic and her head wobbles a lot suggesting cerebellar hypoplasia so her foster carer needs to assist her while eating, feeding her with a spoon when she decides she doesn't want to eat from her usual bowl or her elevated bowl and supporting Piper while she is in the litter box so she is more stable.

Piper has started her new medication and since starting that and with her diet change, there are glimpses of the old Piper showing through again.

Some days are worse than others, but on her good days she has been quite active, even walking up (albeit very wonkily) her ramp to get on the couch on her own and pulling her foster carers' hand in for face scrubs. She is even chirping again and absolutely loving her Christmas lobster toy.

Her frequent urinations have become less frequent but her wobbles are preventing her from doing a lot.

We will treat Piper with this liver supplement for six weeks before getting another blood analysis done and if all goes well, keep her on it for as long as it takes to get her readings back to a normal level.

Piper responded very well to her first acupressure treatment and will be having those weekly. We are also excited to see how she responds to acupuncture with her first acupuncture session booked for the 29th.

Upcoming treatments and tests over the next six weeks and medication costs come in at just over $800, so please, if you are able to donate, every little bit helps.

Piper is a little fighter and we will continue to stand by her side during this battle.

Again, we ask you to please share Piper's story and updates and if you can spare anything to contribute towards her medical bills, no matter how big or small, every donation is greatly appreciated.

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