Piper - Update 6

This is an update on the story of the gorgeous little Piper as we try our utmost to unravel her medical mysteries. See her story here: Piper - Fundraiser

Piper's condition is still proving to be a mystery. She has been on medication for FIP and while she has been more alert and her recent blood work shows the majority of her levels are now normal, it unfortunately has not had any impact on her physical condition.

Another downside is that her liver readings are now higher than they have ever been. After seeing one of our partner vets, it was suggested we stop using GS and keep her only on Molnupiravir.

Piper has been attending weekly physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions at Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy in Kensington. She has her ups and downs but overall, she is doing well... and needless to say, she has captured the hearts of everyone there. We will continue with her physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in clinic and also physiotherapy at home.

Her new specialist wants to do metabolic testing which requires a urine sample from Piper and two other healthy cats close in age though it is proving much more difficult than anticipated to get a urine sample at home with the special urine sampling cat litter from the other two participants.

A visit may need to be arranged so samples can be physically taken from the two other cats. If it is not a metabolic disorder, the standout diagnosis could be a storage disorder for which there is no cure, but according to printed publications, she should have passed away by now if that were the case.

We will be having a discussion with her veterinary team to see if there are any further non-invasive tests of diagnostic relevance we can do regarding her liver.

She is still fighting, as are we and though some days are better than others, she is always bright and happy, meowing at her foster carer for food and loving cuddles. She has suffered a lot of muscle wastage over the past few months but her movements are still intentional. If she can get the strength back in her legs, she will be unstoppable but that will take time and therapy. Piper's treatment costs still continue to grow each and every week so again we are asking, if you are able to at all, to make a small donation to Helping Hands Animal Rescue for Piper.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and every little bit helps.

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