I've found an injured (sick, orphaned or dead) native wildlife animal. What do I do?

Protect Yourself

Personal safety is first and foremost. 

Injured animals don’t know if you are going to help them or harm them. They may kick, scratch or bite. 

If you are in a vehicle, turn your hazard lights on. Try to warn oncoming vehicles to slow down.

Approach with Caution

Speak quietly and try not to frighten the animal. Remember that injured wildlife will be very scared and in pain.

Keep well away from any animal that may be venomous or dangerous, particularly snakes, goannas, flying foxes or other kinds of bat.

Keep all pets and children away.

Do not pat wild animals as you would a dog or cat as it is stressful for them.

Remove from Road

When it is safe to do so, move the animal off the road. 

If it is dead move it well away from the road to avoid a second kill. Birds such as eagles and hawks like to feast on dead wildlife.